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Who: 👋 Hi I’m Akis and I’m currently co-building the revenue motion at WeSchool, a cooperative learning platform.

Experience: 15 years in B2B & SaaS revenue roles (also co-founded a VC-backed SaaS in 2012), helped 3 companies go from 0 to 1, cross $1M ARR, and sign 400 B2B customers.

Why EduRM: To analyze the revenue side of learning and education for uncovering the insights that enable organizations to grow. From B2C to B2B, and from enterprise to grants and more.

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Analyzing the revenue side of learning and education


Akis Laopodis
Curious. Into edu/edtech. Leading Revenue @ WeSchool (weschool.com). 15 yrs in B2B & SaaS revenue roles. VC-funded in 2012. ✉️ http://educationrevenue.substack.com